LA TIMES - katie walsh 

A relationship drama wrapped in a city symphony, “Nobody Walks in L.A.” is a glossy, intoxicating advertisement for the City of Angels. We should probably keep this one under wraps to keep our rents from going even higher.

The film, written and directed by Jesse Shapiro, celebrates Los Angeles, but also extols the therapeutic powers of a good walk and a good friend, and the importance of joyously living in the moment. Longtime pals Becca (Kim Shaw) and Miles (Adam Shapiro), native Angelenos on the precipice of enormous life changes, decide to take a day to put everything on pause and just go for a walk.

“Nobody Walks in L.A.” rides on the easy, sunny charm of the lead duo, as well as the beauty and personality of the city.



Theaterbyte - Lawrence d. devoe 

Nobody Walks in L.A. is a clever, fun, and thought-provoking indie film that will recall the early directorial efforts of Woody Allen in Annie Hall and Rob Reiner in When Harry Met Sally

Red carpet crash - bradley smith 

In the vein of Ferris Bueller, Nobody Walk in LA is a beautiful and simplistic story about one day in the life of two people facing a crossroads who decide to give up certain modern conveniences, shut out their problems, and just enjoy each other’s company and the world around them.